2010 Awards

The 14th Annual Human Rights Press Awards
English-Language Categories
General News
  • Prize – “Thailand’s Secret Refugees” by Alan Morison, Chutima Sidasathian, Maseeh Rahman, Ian Young, Greg Torode
  • Special Merit – “Hunan’s Stricken Village” by He Huifeng, Shi Jiangtao
  • Special Merit – “The Mainland Public Defenders Who Want to Reform the System” by Mark O’Neil
  • Prize – “One Year on the Sichuan Earthquake” by Raymond Li, Al Guo
  • Special Merit – “A People Ignored” by Paul Mooney
  • Special Merit – “20 Years On From Tiananmen” by Albert Wong, Eva Wu, Vivian Wu
  • Prize – “The Lost Boys” by Paul Mooney
  • Special Merit – “Human Resource” by Simon Parry
Commentary and Analysis
  • Special Merit – “Shock and Awe in Myanmar’s ‘Diplomacy'” by Greg Torode
  • Special Prize – Harry Harrison for a body of work
  • Prize – “Writing Wrongs” by Violet Law and Du Bin of Post Magazine
Spot News
  • Special Merit – “Life in Cage” by Sam Tsang
  • Special Merit – “Pollution Leaves Its Mark” by K.Y. Cheng
Society of News Design (SND) – 31st International Annual Creative Design Competition for Newspapers and Magazines
  • Award of Excellence for Special Coverage, Section Pages – ‘Colden Goal’, Carl Jones & Stephen Case
  • Award of Excellence for Illustration, Multiple Illustrations – Angela Ho
  • Award of Excellence for Magazines, Cover Design – ‘Die by Wire’ Post Magazine, Stevel Ellul & Angela Ho
  • Award of Excellence for Miscellaneous – ‘History-makers’ series Young Post, Terry Pontikos, Stephen Case and Henry Wong
  • Award of Excellence for Photography Multiple Photos – ‘Crosses to Bear’, Yves Sieur
  • Award of Excellence for Photography Multiple Photos -‘Floods of Despair’, Yves Sieur & Carl Jones
The Newspaper Society of Hong Kong – Hong Kong News Awards 2009
  • Best Scoop – Thailand’s Secret Refugees – Alan Morison, Chutima Sidasathian, Greg Torode, Maseeh Rahman, Ian Young
  • Best News Writing (English) – “Lamentations For A Lost Decade” – Albert Wong
  • Best Business News Writing (English) – “Hot Cash Flowing In – But Is It Legal?” – Peggy Sito, Maria Chan, Chloe Lai
  • Photographic Section (News) – “Private Funeral” – Edward Wong
  • Best News Page Design – “The Mainland’s Domestic Soccer Leagues” – Carl Jones, Terry Pontikos, Stephen Case
1st Runner-up
  • Best Scoop – “Plot To Kill Martin Lee” – Barclay Crawford, Ambrose Leung, Fox Yi Hu
  • Best Business News Reporting – “Financial Market Reform” – Enouch Yiu
  • Best Business News Writing (English) – “Testing Time For Affluent Wenzhou” – Denise Tsang
  • Best Headline (English) – “Cloud Over Job Market Lifts (Just Look At the Smog)” – Paul Buck
  • Photographic Section (Sport) – “Golden Moment” – K.Y. Cheng
2nd Runner-up
  • Best News Reporting – “20 Years On Tiananmen Crackdown” – Chris Yeung, Josephine Ma, Fanny WY Fung, Gary Cheung, Kristine Kwok, Minnie Chan, Yau Chui Yan, Eva Wu
  • Best Business News Writing (English) – “Beijing Bid to Cool Property Prices Ignored” – Sandy Li
  • Photographic Section (Sport) – “Swing Low” – K.Y. Cheng
  • Photographic Section (News) – “Cry Baby” – Sam Tsang
  • Photographic Section (Features) – “Summer Swelter” – Sam Tsang
  • Photographic Section (Features) – “Spreading the Message” – Sam Tsang