South China Morning Post reaches out with new look for the paper

Hong Kong, March 26, 2007 — South China Morning Post today unveiled a new look with the aim of making the newspaper more engaging and enjoyable for readers with a cleaner and clearer approach. The revamp covered everything from typeface and layout to graphics and photography to ensure that readers can get the information they want more quickly and easily.

Commenting on these developments, Amanda Turnbull, SCMP’s Director of Marketing and Communications said, "We have tried to create a paper that reflects our readers’ changing lifestyle: less time to devote to reading, more need for easy processing of information and a growing desire for interactive and engaging presentation." The paper attempted to address these needs by creating more explicit headlines and picture captions, enhancing the infographics to better show facts and figures within a story and adopting a new set of colour tones to give each section of the paper a distinct personality.

The redesign is part of SCMP’s continuous effort to give readers more choices in acquiring information from the company’s news platforms. "Whether it’s through our newspaper, our website, or our other digital offerings – podcasts, vidcasts, RSS or simply SMS headlines to mobile phones – we’re committed to reaching out to readers with more access points to our content and many more ways for them to get involved," said Turnbull.

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About South China Morning Post Publishers Limited

The company publishes the South China Morning Post and the Sunday Morning Post, Asia’s premier English language daily and Sunday newspaper with the highest circulation of any English language newspapers in Hong Kong. South China Morning Post Publishers Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SCMP Group Limited, which is listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited.

For more information contact Amanda Turnbull, Director, Marketing and Communication on 2250-3130 or email