partners with Apple Computer to promote the Internet as a platform for audio media

(Hong Kong, August 15, 2005), the Internet edition of Hong Kong’s leading English-language newspaper – South China Morning Post, will be providing exclusive English language news content podcasts to Apple Computer as it launches the region’s first-ever dedicated Podcasting site. publisher Christopher Axberg said, "We are happy to partner with Apple Computer and believe that Podcasting is an effective and fresh way to reach our online readers and customers. is very interested in the prospects for expanding our programming beyond digital text and utilizing more of what the internet is bringing to its users – timely information in a flexible environment."’s Podcast Section features downloadable audio reports and one-on-one interviews with leading decision makers and innovators in business, technology and the consumer electronics industry. Highlights of recent content include Dell chief executive Kevin Rollins’ first ever Podcast interview about Dell’s China investment and sales strategy, Chief business reporter and White Collar columnist Enoch Yiu’s interview with Executive Council member Bernard Chan Charnwut, and Lai See columnist Ben Kwok’s discussion with Marek Boguszewicz, professional kickboxer and trading floor support manager for ABN Amro.

SCMP Technology Post editor Michael Logan said, "Podcasting is the beginning of something far larger, something many in the technology and media industries have been waiting to occur since the World Wide Web’s dawn 10 years ago. Simply put, it is the convergence of text, audio and video around a single distribution channel — the Internet."

He continued, "Podcasting is very exciting for the SCMP, because it gives us a new way to reach our audience, allowing readers to hear directly from the news sources in their own voices. What’s more, podcasts are as portable as the traditional newspaper. You can listen to them on your desktop and take them on the go with your MP3 player."

All Podcasts are being made available for free public access and downloading until September 30, 2005 via Apple’s iTunes and from at

What is a "Podcast"?
A simple yet sophisticated transfer of audio content over the Internet. It allows audio files to be shared around the world with very little effort. Podcasts are typically MP3 audio files available for downloading onto computers and transferable to any portable digital-media device that can play MP3 files.

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