SCMP boosts attention metrics of its award winning suitability product SIGNAL for enhanced measurement and optimisation

Hong Kong (July 6, 2023) – South China Morning Post (SCMP) has announced significant advancements to its highly acclaimed suitability tool, SIGNAL 2.0, by introducing a comprehensive suite of attention metrics. These cutting-edge metrics offer advertisers and brands enhanced optimisation capabilities, catering to the evolving challenges of capturing and retaining audience attention in today’s diverse media landscape.

Attention metrics have gained substantial attention from marketers worldwide over the last 8-10 months to date. As content consumption continues to proliferate across various platforms, screens, and environments, capturing and retaining attention has become increasingly challenging. 

Recognising this industry trend, IAB Australia published a report in late 2022, cautioning against an overemphasis on ad attention metrics in isolation. However, the report also revealed that over 80% of ad agencies expressed their intention to measure ad attention in campaigns throughout 2023.

SCMP believes that attention metrics represent an evolution in audience engagement and play a crucial role in determining business outcomes. Consequently, the SCMP team has diligently integrated attention metrics into SIGNAL, transforming it into a comprehensive platform for understanding attention on a holistic level. 

The AI-powered SIGNAL now incorporates a range of metrics, including viewability, time-in-view, ad size, ad position, page type, time of day, and creative interaction.

This integration of key metrics within SIGNAL signifies that “Attention” is now an optimizable strategy applicable to all campaigns across the SCMP portfolio. A scoring system will further qualify these metrics, enabling actionable insights derived from the data set. SCMP plans to release a compelling case study showcasing the benefits of attention metrics during Q4.

“Attention metrics hold the key to maximising ad performance and illuminating the impact of the media environment on capturing attention. Yet, it is through the synergistic collaboration of creative designers, media owners, and optimization teams that bring about optimal results,” Timmy Bankole, Director of Advertising Business Operations comments. “SCMP remains committed to investing in advertising technology tools to ensure the best outcomes for our advertisers while providing effective solutions independent of changes in the identity and data privacy landscape.”

Since its launch in 2020, Signal has gained global recognition, earning accolades such as Campaign Asia-Pacific’s Tech Most Valuable Product Award (2021) and securing second place at the INMA Global Awards for the ‘Best Use Of Data to Drive Advertising’.


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  • Personalisation

Data collected by SIGNAL can help brands optimise their activation by making format, content, sentiment recommendations before a campaign goes live by looking at Ad log data from the brand’s  past campaigns as well as aggregated cohort data. 

  • Ad Fraud

Ad fraud is the practice of fraudulently representing online advertising impressions, clicks, conversion or data events to generate revenue. Focusing on malicious bots activities, SIGNAL 2.0 crawls all of SCMPs properties to identify and block any form of harmful bot activity, including impressions, invalid traffic (IVT), clicks and more, utilising machine learning techniques that looks for anomalies in traffic patterns. The addition of this feature ensures our clients’ Ads reach real people and drive real engagement.

  • Viewability

Built with the IAB viewability guideline for video and display, SIGNAL 2.0 measures all Ad units across all platforms, ensuring you can improve your Ad quality. 

  • Measurement

This tool allows brands to determine whether their ads are achieving the objectives by supporting the ability to tie their campaigns to relevant metrics. Brand recognition, brand awareness & brand consideration. Signal V2 will allow SCMP to provide a baseline understanding of consumer preferences, awareness, and intention to purchase.



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