Who are we?

South China Morning Post is a leading news media company that has reported on China and Asia for more than a century with global impact. Founded in 1903, SCMP is headquartered in Hong Kong, where it is the city’s newspaper of record. Our teams span across Asia and the United States, working together to connect with news consumers around the world. We are committed to informing and inspiring through journalism of the highest standards. Our vision is to “Elevate Thought”, and our mission is to “Lead the global conversation about China”

What do we do?

We develop news content 24/7, driven by world-class journalists, editors, visual artists, photographers and videographers, all guided by the principle of “Truth and Fairness”. Our editorial teams are powered by emerging digital technologies that allow us to create innovative ways to tell Asia’s most important and compelling stories. Against the backdrop of shifting discovery and consumption behaviours, SCMP reaches users across distributed media platforms including, smartphone and tablet apps, social media and messaging platforms, as well as our flagship newspaper.

Additionally, SCMP is Asia’s leading magazine publisher with a portfolio of premium lifestyle and fashion titles including Cosmopolitan, ELLE, Esquire, and Harper’s BAZAAR. We are also home to, a big data-powered recruitment platform that matches jobseekers with their dream job.

Who should join us?

You should join us because you’re looking for more than just a job. Because making a positive impact and contributing to something bigger than yourself keeps you engaged, focused, and most importantly, helps you realise your full potential.

You’re passionate about work, and also curious about experimenting and breaking the mould. You believe that sharing knowledge is more conducive than withholding it. You can operate independently with speed and productivity, but you never forget that collective success is most important.

What appeals to you most is a workplace culture, like ours, that encourages learning and ingenuity, and values both ownership and teamwork. At SCMP, you will find career growth that is supported by the encouragement of company leaders, established development programmes, an exciting environment, attractive remuneration and benefits, as well as a dynamic organisational structure.

As SCMP grows, we seek and nurture talents who are future-focused, inquisitive and open-minded, who will come on board to help us bring SCMP to the next level of growth.

What are our company values?

SCMP cares deeply about the interactions we have with our readers, partners, and employees. These six company value statements define what we stand for:

Job openings
Content Production
    Commissioning Editor – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Content Manager, Beauty – Magazines
    Content Manager, Fashion – Magazines
    Content Manager, Features (Lifestyle) – Magazines
    Content Manager, Features – Magazines
    Multimedia Content Producer – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Podcast Producer – Editorial
    Senior Copy Editor – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Corp Communications & CSR
    Corporate Communications Director – Group Marketing & Events
Data Analytics
    Assistant Director, Data Analytics – Data Analytics
    Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing Analytics – Recruitment Business
    Data Analyst – Data Analytics
    Data Analyst – contract for 6 months – Data Analytics
    Data Engineer – Data Analytics
    Data Scientist – Data Analytics
    Manager, Business Analytics – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Manager, Digital Marketing Analytics – Data Analytics
Design & Creative
    Digital Designer – Magazines
    Executive Creative Director – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Senior UX / UI Designer – Product
    Asia Editor – Editorial
    SEO Editor – Editorial
Editorial Production
    Experienced Digital Copy Editors – Editorial
    Production Editor – Editorial
    Account Clerk (Temp) – Finance
    Account Clerk – Finance
    Digital Marketing Director – Group Marketing & Events
    Senior Marketing Executive – Magazines
Marketing – Marketing Solutions
    Account Manager, Marketing Solutions – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
Photography / Videography
    Video Editor/ Writer – Magazines
    Video Producer – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Video Producer – Editorial
Product Development
    Associate Director, Growth – Product
    Associate Director, Labs – Product
    Director of Product, Growth and Labs (Digital) – Product
    Lead Web Developer – Product
    Mobile Application Developer – Android – Product
    Mobile Application Developer – iOS – Product
    Product Manager (Digital) – Product
    Senior Product Manager – Recruitment Business
    Senior Project Executive (CRM) – Magazines
    System Architect – Technology
    System Engineer – Technology
    Web Developer (Back-end) – Product
    Web Developer (Front-end) – Product
    Web Developer (Full-stack) – Technology
    Web Developer – Product
    Reporter, Political Economy – Editorial
    Account Executive – Magazines
    Account Executive, Digital – Magazines
    Account Manager (Education Business) – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Account Manager / Senior Account Manager – Recruitment Business
    Business Development Manager, Programmatic – Magazines
    Sales Director – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Sales Manager – Magazines
Sales Operations Support
    Operations Assistant – Recruitment Business
    Operations Assistant – Recruitment Business
    Sales Coordinator – Magazines
    Senior Sales Coordinator – Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    System Administrator, Infrastructure – Technology
Advertising & Marketing Solutions
    Account Manager (Education Business)
    Account Manager, Marketing Solutions
    Commissioning Editor
    Executive Creative Director
    Manager, Business Analytics
    Multimedia Content Producer
    Sales Director
    Senior Copy Editor
    Senior Sales Coordinator
    Video Producer
Data Analytics
    Assistant Director, Data Analytics
    Data Analyst
    Data Analyst – contract for 6 months
    Data Engineer
    Data Scientist
    Manager, Digital Marketing Analytics
    Asia Editor
    Experienced Digital Copy Editors
    Podcast Producer
    Production Editor
    Reporter, Political Economy
    SEO Editor
    Video Producer
    Account Clerk (Temp)
    Account Clerk
Group Marketing & Events
    Corporate Communications Director
    Digital Marketing Director
    Account Executive
    Account Executive, Digital
    Business Development Manager, Programmatic
    Content Manager, Beauty
    Content Manager, Fashion
    Content Manager, Features (Lifestyle)
    Content Manager, Features
    Digital Designer
    Sales Coordinator
    Sales Manager
    Senior Marketing Executive
    Senior Project Executive (CRM)
    Video Editor/ Writer
    Associate Director, Growth
    Associate Director, Labs
    Director of Product, Growth and Labs (Digital)
    Lead Web Developer
    Mobile Application Developer – Android
    Mobile Application Developer – iOS
    Product Manager (Digital)
    Senior UX / UI Designer
    Web Developer (Back-end)
    Web Developer (Front-end)
    Web Developer
Recruitment Business
    Account Manager / Senior Account Manager
    Assistant Manager, Digital Marketing Analytics
    Operations Assistant
    Operations Assistant
    Senior Product Manager
    System Administrator, Infrastructure
    System Architect
    System Engineer
    Web Developer (Full-stack)