The growth of the company has been intimately linked with that of Hong Kong and we owe a large part of our success to the people of this unique city. Whether through our publications or other businesses, we are constantly interacting with individuals in our society and, we hope, enriching lives through our products and services.

Our charity campaigns, spearheaded by the annual charity drive Operation Santa Claus, always generates a heart-warming response that reflects the caring and generous nature of the people of Hong Kong. The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards, established in conjunction with the centennial anniversary of the South China Morning Post in 2013, is an annual campaign that celebrates the achievements of truly remarkable people who might otherwise be off the radar. It champions the achievements of our unsung heroes and strives to spark inspiration for the Hong Kong community.

Our conferences and seminars seek to take the debate about making Hong Kong a better place to live and work off the printed page and into a physical arena.

Our sponsorships embrace groups and projects where we feel that our involvement as a media partner or co-organiser can make a difference; and our awards schemes engage different sectors of the community, from students to fund managers, businessmen to style icons and both celebrate and recognise their achievements.

Two of the biggest events we co-sponsor are the Hong Kong Business Awards, which we co-sponsor with DHL and which has been honouring excellence in all levels of business leadership for more than 30 years; and the Enterprising HK Brand Awards which recognises and celebrates the success, innovation, creativity, business and branding excellence among homegrown local brands.